Eso es alcanzar lo más alto,

lo que tal vez nos dará el Cielo:

no admiraciones ni victorias

sino sencillamente ser admitidos

como parte de una Realidad innegable,

como las piedras y los árboles.

Jorge Luis Borges

Fervor de Buenos Aires (1923)

This is the best that can happen,

What heaven perhaps will grant us:

Not to be wondered at or required

To succeed

But simply to be let in

As part of an undeniable Reality,

Like stones of the road, like trees.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

El Salvador

At long last, I am posting from my new home in San Salvador, El Salvador.  I'm currently in the Mejicanos district of San Salvador which is where the partner organization ANADES is located.  Here are some pics of ANADES and the surrounding community of Mejicanos:
The main gates of the ANADES compound

The guesthouse at ANADES where I've been staying the past few days
The streets of Mejicanos...

I've been promising pictures of San Julian where I will be working and where I thought I would be living for the next three years.  Turns out it's gotten quite dangerous and they want me living in San Salvador, at least for the first while. Anyway, I didn't get any pics of San Julian but this is the finca that I've described in the past:
The finca San Jorge outside of San Julian

The countryside surrounding the finca at the end of the dry season, you can imagine what this looks like when it's all green and fertile
So I am too tired at this moment to describe in any depth what the past week has been like.  Suffice to say I took three buses this morning to the central terminal, then an hour long bus ride where I got off at a pothole in the rode, then climbed onto the back of a few pickups, then climbed up a mountain for half an hour in insane heat and humidity, then helped to deliver two workshops in Spanish, then did the whole trip back in reverse.  I'm not complaining, and a lot of the day I'm really enjoying it, but I am too tired to think at the end of the day...

And with that said, good night and maybe I'll post something more intelligent next week!

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  1. These pics kinda remind me of mexico. Is it quite similar, like the homes and stuff? Missing you...